Friday, December 11, 2009

Atama Soup

"Atama Soup"

Atama soup is an Efik delicacy, which is very delicious especially when served hot. This rich Efik cuisine is very nutritious and belly-warming. The recipe is very simple and easy to follow. Many housewives use it to win back their husband’s heart after a serious quarrel.

- Beef or bush-meat
- 1 medium size smoked fish
- 10 pieces kpomo (roasted cow skin)
- 1 medium size stockfish head
- 1 cup Perewinkle in shell
- 1 bunch Atama leaves
- 2-3Kg Palm fruits
- 2 Cooking spoon ground crayfish
- 1 small piece Uyayak (local spice)
- 4 cubes of seasoning
- Water
- Salt to taste.

Using a blunt knife, cut a little piece of the tail end of the periwinkles and remove the intestine; then wash thoroughly to remove all the mud.

Wash and boil the palm fruits for about 30 minutes or until they are soft. Strain off the water and pound till the fibers come off the nuts. Heat the water until it is just warm; then add to the pounded palm fruit and mix thoroughly after which you strain off the oily extract.

Wash and season your meat with salt, 2 cubes of seasoning and small pepper, then steam for about 5 minutes on low heat. Add about 1½ cups of water, stockfish head and continue boiling for about 20 minutes till the meat is almost cooked, and remove from heat.

Cut the atama leaves into very thin strips then pound for about 10 minutes till the leaves are finely pounded.

Place the oily extract on the burner and allow to boil for about 5 minutes. Add cooked meat, and washed smoked fish, meat stock, perewinkle, crayfish, pepper and 2 more cubes of seasoning and uyayak (local spice). Stir and allow to boil for about 10 minutes.

Add the atama leaves and allow to boil without stirring for another 10 minutes. Stir, and add salt to taste.

Allow to simmer for another 15 –10 minutes or until slightly thick.

Remove from heat and serve with eba, fufu, pounded yam or boiled white rice.

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